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Horst Borsodi

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Horst Borsodi
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The Borsodis' Auction House
Ewald Borsodi (brother}


Horst Borsodi is the brother of Ewald Borsodi and the owner of The Borsodis' Auction House

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Horst Borsodi, owner of the most famous auction house in all the North, was a snob and a buffoon. He looked down his nose at Geralt from the very moment they met, and when he heard what had brought the witcher to him, he had his men toss him out and beat him. To say their relationship got started off on the wrong foot would thus be putting it very lightly indeed...
If Geralt stands with Ewald:
It came as no surprise, then, when Geralt chose to stand by his partner, Ewald, in the final showdown between the two brothers. With their strength combined, they defeated Horst's hired muscle. A few moments later, Ewald killed his hated brother in a spectacularly cruel fashion. It was later said none walked behind the once rich and mighty Horst Borsodi's casket and none shed a tear over his grave...
If Geralt stands with Horst:
Nevertheless, when the Borsodi brothers faced off in a final showdown, Geralt chose to stand by Horst. He never revealed why he made this decision – perhaps he considered a pompous buffoon less of an evil than a bloodthirsty cheat, which is what his erstwhile partner, Ewald, had proven to be. With Geralt's support, Horst managed to defeat Ewald...
If Geralt compromises and does not demand the papers:
He repaid the witcher for this by giving him the ornamented box known as Maximilian's House.
If Geralt demands the house and the papers inside:
... but was not given long to enjoy this triumph. When Horst revealed that, despite his earlier promise, he did not intend to give Geralt Maximilian's House, the witcher decided to take it from him by force. Horst died by the witcher's blade before his hated brother's corpse had even cooled.