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Hoodless Kinslayer Armor

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Tir Na Lia
Tir Na Lia

Overview[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hoodless Kinslayer Dark Mode Armour based on Thyssen or Tir Na Lia, with texture replacements.
Version 1.2 (22. Okt. 2011) – Slight change to the colouring of the Thyssen version, to make it more gold, less coppery, and match the rest of the Kinslayer's set better. Tir Na Lia is unchanged.
Thyssen is based on a black and gold texture to match the Dark Mode theme. Tir Na Lia is based on the textures used for the genuine Kinslayer's armor.
Both alternatives give you a hoodless Dark mode set.
NB: Installing this mod will also change the color of Thyssen or Tir Na Lia Armor itself, if you use it earlier in the game. There are possible conflicts with other mods that change armor appearances.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Unpack to CookedPC. The file paths should be

  • Thyssen:
  • Tir Na Lia:

To uninstall: remove the above files from your CookedPC folder.