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Hidden in the Depths

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Treasure hunt
"Hidden in the Depths"
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Treasure hunt
Suggested level

This quest begins when Geralt finds a corpse outside a cave by a small inlet on the south coast of Faroe. On the corpse is a message and a scratched key.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

They say one can hardly spit in Skellige without splashing a pirate or a pirate's treasure. Geralt's adventures confirmed the wisdom of this proverb several times over. For example, one day he happened across a letter indicating the location of some hidden plundered booty...
When Geralt entered the underground cavern, he had to admit it was an excellent hiding place. Perhaps too excellent, in fact - the treasure mentioned in the letter was still there, and it seemed this Njall fellow had never come to collect it.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]