Hangman's Alley

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Hangman's Alley
Hangman's Alley
Fast-travel point
West of Blackbough near the shore
Crow's Perch / Spitfire Bluff, Velen
Fast-travel point

Harbor Fast-travel point Hangman's Alley is a location accessible by fast travel in Velen.

Map description[edit | edit source]

The road is lined with the hanged bodies of peasants who opposed their new rulers or had the bad luck of happening across bandits who had nothing against adding another dangling installation to the boulevard's scenery.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is a Person in Distress nearby, to the west, which Geralt will meet later in Claywich as a barber after freeing him from the bandits.

Map location[edit | edit source]

Witcher 3 Hangman's Alley.jpg