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Gwent mardroeme cards

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Tw3 gwent mardroeme ability.png

Gwent Mardroeme cards trigger the transformation of all Berserker cards on the same row.

Icon Name Type Combat row Strength Source Deck
Tw3 icon gwent range skellige.png
Ermion Hero
Ranged combat
8 Blood and Wine:
Won from the Innkeep at the The Scarlet Cardinal Inn
Tw3 gwent deck Skellige.png
Tw3 icon gwent morale booster skellige.png
Mardroeme (3) Special
Blood and Wine:
1 from the Herbalist in Beauclair
1 from the Madame at The Belles of Beauclair
1 from Count Monnier
Tw3 gwent deck Skellige.png