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Gwent berserker cards

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Tw3 gwent berserker ability.png

These cards require the card Mardroeme or the card Ermion to change these units into bears.

When Transformed the Berserker Card changes into a 14 Strength Unit with Morale, Young Berserker changes into an 8 Strength Unit with Tight Bond.

After their Transformation they remain as Bears even in the Discard Pile, being revived by a medic or Skellige's Faction Perk will not change them back.

Icon Name Type Combat row Strength Ability Source Deck
Tw3 icon gwent melee skellige.png
Berserker Unit
Close combat
4 → 14 BerserkerMorale boost Blood and Wine:
Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here, given by Count Monnier as part of the basic Skellige deck
Skellige deck
Tw3 icon gwent melee skellige.png
Young Berserker (3) Unit
Ranged combat
2 → 8 BerserkerTight Bond Blood and Wine:
1 from Pierre at the Tailor's Workshop
1 from the Blacksmith at the Tourney Grounds
1 from Count Monnier
Skellige deck