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Green dragon

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Green dragon
Myrgtabrakke comics.png
Myrgtabrakke in the graphic novel
Forested wilderness[1]
Breath chlorine gas[1]
Dragon scales
Dragon tail
Dragon teeth
Dragon tears
Dragon blood

Green dragons are probably the smallest representatives of the dragon species. Specimen at Myrgtabrakke's age are three horses in length and one in height, though a bit broader and having leathery wings. Their name is rather misleading as their skin may be not entirely green but rather greenish or grey (grey being more common, similar to dracolizards).

Known green dragons[edit | edit source]

  • Myrgtabrakke

In the Bogusław Polch comics series[edit | edit source]

In the comics, green dragons (at least Myrgtabrakke) breath fire.

In Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni[edit | edit source]

The most popular species of dragon, inhabit the forested wilderness. Its colour is greenish gray. It belch toxic chlorine which luckily doesn't damage the equipment. Average specimen reach 5 meters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The way they are described in Gra Wyobraźni, green dragons seem to be inspired by their D&D counterpart.

References[edit | edit source]