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Sometimes you just can not figure out why your game will not run properly, or worse, not at all. There are some resources available to you for just such emergencies. The Witcher official discussion board is a very good place to start.

Getting help[edit | edit source]

The TW1: Tech Support forum and TW2: Tech Support forum on the discussion board, while not the official support sites, provide a friendly and informative service. This is an entirely volunteer initiative and is done as a good will gesture by dedicated members of The Witcher community. They do their best to help, but they also need your cooperation to be able to give that level of service. Knowing exactly what system they are dealing with, both hardware and software, is crucial to providing useful information.

  • A good (and completely free) tool to use to collect all the necessary information is PCWizard.
  • If the version linked to above does not work on your particular system, try this older PCWizard (version It may work better for you as there have been reported problems with the current version.

The Usual suspects[edit | edit source]

  • Reboot: Does rebooting make the problem go away?
  • DirectX: Do you have the latest build? (June 2010) ?
  • Game version: Do you have the latest patch? (Patch 1.5)?
    • Note that the 1.5 patch is not cumulative and requires that the Enhanced Edition (patch 1.4) is already installed.
  • Windows Vista: If you use Vista, see these considerations.
  • Windows 7: If you use Windows 7, see these considerations.

Using PCWizard to get your system's information[edit | edit source]

screen shot of PC Wizard

It is assumed here that you have downloaded and installed PCWizard.

  • Run PCWizard by choosing Start → Programs → CPUID → PCWizard 2009 → PCWizard 2009... this will cause the program to analyse your system.
  • Next, press the Video icon and then choose File → Save As → check the radio button "Select Category", check the "With detailed information" and "With drivers information" then press OK.
  • You will then be asked to provide a name for our output file. Assuming you have posted your question on the forum, you probably have a username, so it is recommended that you name your output file: <username>INFO.txt, and save it in My Documents... For example, my file would be called gamewidowINFO.txt.
  • The program will analyse your system again, and save the results to that file.

That covers getting the necessary information that the techs will need from you. Now think of the best possible, and ideally most complete description of your problem.

  • Post your amazingly clearly worded question on the appropriate Tech Support forum. Take a bit of time to see if that question has not already been answered, as many have been, but if not, draft a new message, but do not post it yet.
  • Before completing your post, go to "Attachments" below the box where you enter the post text and attach the file you saved in My Documents (using Browse → select the file → OK).
  • Now post your question and you will get the best possible service.

Contact Atari[edit | edit source]

The thread entitled Official The Witcher Technical Support in the In-game Tech forum provides a comprehensive list of official support sites around the world.