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The Gardener at St. Lebioda's Hospital
Gardener, retired soldier
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Garden outside St. Lebioda's Hospital

The Gardener is a veteran of the war with Nilfgaard, when he was part of Pretty Kitty's corps of mercenaries. He also fought across half the world with Pretty Kitty, even as far as Zerrikania, where he gained extensive knowledge of Zerrikanian insects and geography. Now in retirement, he happily tends to the garden of St. Lebioda's Hospital in the Temple Quarter of Vizima. He is a novice dice player, but has extraordinary luck, often coming back from the brink of defeat and taking all of your orens, and Geralt can barter with him.

He buys and sells:

  • Herbs:

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • He provides a glossary entry on Zerrikania in exchange for food, which negates the need for you to purchase the book Zerrikanian Insects and Other Vermin necessary for the autopsy in the quest Anatomy of a Crime.
  • He will also give Geralt red, yellow or white roses in exchange for food. This has potential for some money making: Give the Gardener "junk" food that you would normally sell for 1 oren(s), then sell the roses for 6 oren(s).
  • If Geralt does not specify a preferred colour of roses, the Gardener will give a random colour of the three available types.