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Gélenser Farm

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Gélenser Farm
Gélenser Farm
Blood and Wine
South-southeast of Toussaint Prison.
Caroberta Woods / Toussaint
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point Cave entrance / dungeon Tw3 icon barrels quest.svg

Map description[edit | edit source]

Old Man Gelenser grew radishes. Yes, radishes. Not grapes, not olives, not even beets. As he himself put it: “Dadgummit, I can’t very well live on bread and wine alone, now can I?!” Old Man Gelenser did not found a radish empire. The history of his line is not filled with amazing legends. He lived, sired children, planted radishes and died. O Lebioda, give us all such a calm and simple life.

Items of note[edit | edit source]

There are quite a few books to be found in the farm house:

Gallery[edit | edit source]