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South of Fyke Isle
The Mire, Velen
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point Cave entrance / dungeon Place of haunting

Frischlow is an abandoned village in southern Velen which is overrun by wraiths. Nearby to the south is a tomb, probably that of a certain "Lady Caroline", under which is a cave.

Background story reconstruction[edit | edit source]

If you approach the cave, you'll be attacked by a noonwraith. Nearer the entrance, you can also hear the periodic sound of a pickaxe, but no one can be seen. Using the magic lamp, reveals a ghost endlessly excavating. There is a dead body there, on which you can find the soaked letter from Pauli. In that same area, the old cemetery stretches south, where you can find a gargoyle and another dead body with some treasure.

It is possible that Pauli's partner tried to rob the tomb of the Lady Caroline. However, disturbing her grave combined with her tragic fate, caused her spirit to return as a noonwraith, and the digger perished on the spot (possibly explaining why his ghost continues to dig). Presumably, a second looter did somehow get the treasure, but also didn't get far, and was killed by the gargoyle on the other side of the cemetery.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Like many other settlements in the area, this one has suffered greatly on account of the war. Its inhabitants have abandoned their property and evacuated lands in which they once dwelled in relative peace.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]