Fox Hollow

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Fox Hollow
Fox Hollow
Blood and Wine
Northwest of Castel Ravello Vineyard, Gorgon Foothills
Fast-travel point Innkeep (The Ruddy Brush Auberge)

Village Fast-travel point

Fox Hollow, or Fox Holes, is a village in Toussaint famous for its fields which are said to grow pots of all shapes and sizes. They trade with the village of Dudno in Maecht where they grow lids of all shapes and sizes.

In the novel, it is located in the Blessure valley, between Beauclair and Dun Tynne Castle.

'Look there,' said Fierabras, pointing. 'There in the valley lies the village of Fox Holes. Pots grow in the fields there, wonder of wonders.'

    'I beg your pardon?'

    'Pots. They grow in the bosom of the earth, just like that, a pure trick of nature, without any human help at all. Like spuds or turnips grow elsewhere, in Fox Holes pots grow. Of all shapes and kinds.'


    'As I live and breathe. For which reason Fox Holes has an agreement with the village of Dudno in Maecht. Because there, so the stories go, the earth bears forth pot lids.'

    'Of all shapes and kinds?'

    'Precisely, Master Witcher.'

— pg(s). 121 – 122, The Lady of the Lake (UK edition)

In the Blood and Wine expansion[edit | edit source]

Map description[edit | edit source]

In a small valley at the foot of Mount Gorgon lies the village of Fox Hollow. This village’s fields – inexplicably and miraculously – grow pots. Earthenware vessels spring unbidden from the ground, as if through some magic trick worked by nature, no human intervention required. The pots come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Fox Hollow maintains trade connections with the village of Dudno in Maecht – for that village’s fields, inexplicably and miraculously, grow lids. Of all shapes and sizes.

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