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Flying drake

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Flying drakes are creatures similar to dragons.

'I don't hunt dragons,' Geralt said dryly. 'I hunt forktails, for sure. And dracolizards. And flying drakes. But not true dragons; the green, the black or the red. Take note, please.'
— pg(s). 9, "The Bounds of Reason", in the collection Sword of Destiny (UK edition)

They can be found in the vicinity of Lower Posada, if folklore is to be trusted. They are mentioned in passing by Dandelion as he tries to convince Geralt that there is still plenty of work out there for witchers. Geralt is not so sure.

What are you talking about? What civilisation? I crossed the Buina a week ago and heard all sorts of stories as I rode through the country. Apparently there are water sprites here, myriapodans, chimerea, flying drakes, every possible filth. You should be up to your ears in work.

Stories, well, I've heard them too. Half of them are either made up or exaggerated. No Dandilion. The world is changing. Something's coming to an end.

— pg(s). 159, "The Voice of Reason 5", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sapkowski uses name "latawiec", which can be translated as "kite". Unlike the English word, though, Polish latawiec has only two meanings: flying toy for children or a demon often translated as a Fiery Serpent.