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Finneas is a gwent tournament participant at the Passiflora in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He may play Geralt in the third round. Finneas is a racist, and does not attempt to conceal his hostile attitude, especially towards Geralt whom he calls a mutant.

Finneas only appears during the quest "High Stakes". Before the games start, he can be interacted with, though he is in no mood for conversation and responds with hostility. In the first round, he is pitted against Tim Knott. If Geralt wins the first round, Finneas does also, and is pitted against Harald Featherbuns in the second round. If Geralt goes on to win the second round, Finneas also advances, and the two must play each other in the third. Initially, Finneas is against the idea, saying that "[he'll] not play a mutant," but concedes and sits down to play the witcher, as refusing to do so would result in disqualification. He plays with a Scoia'tael deck led by Francesca Findabair: Queen of Dol Blathanna. If Geralt wins, Finneas accuses him of cheating, and begins a brawl. If Finneas wins, he goes on to win the tournament by defeating Count Tybalt in the final.

If Geralt is eliminated in the first or second round, Finneas gets eliminated at an undefined point, as Sasha goes on to win the tournament.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]