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Tw3 map faroe.png
Map of Faroe from The Witcher 3'
southern Skellige

Faroe is one of the smallest islands in the Skellige archipelago. It is also the southernmost. This island is Clan Dimun territory.

The most southerly-thrusting outcrop of the Skellige Archipelago is the wild and untamed isle of Faroe. Visiting here is a must for experienced travelers undeterred by unexplored wilderness and nature at its reddest in tooth and claw. Which is not to say that Faroe is uninhabited - just that its vibrant, primeval landscapes, not its human settlements, constitute its primary attraction.

Acting as sole exception to this, and providing a wonderful treat to adventure-seeking travelers, is the port of Harviken, the home village to Clan Dimun. With a bit of luck one might find oneself there when the clan's warriors return from their overseas raids and divide their plunder. A days-long feast is thrown in the warriors' honor afterwards - providing an excellent opportunity to sample local delicacies and observe local customs. For more on this, see the "Feasts and Festivals" chapter.

― The Lonesome World Guide to Faroe

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There actually is Announcement: Faroe Boat Races, but this never made it into the final version of the game.