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Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price

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Secondary quest
"Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price"
Tw3 hs enchanting quality has its price 1.jpg
Secondary quest
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Upper Mill
Bloodrot Pit
204 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
-10000 crown(s) for advanced tools
-15000 crown(s) for master tools
Enchanting: Start-up Costs

Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price is a secondary quests available in Hearts of Stone. This quest is one of a series of requests made by the Ofieri Runewright. More information can be found in the "Notes section" of the Runewright page.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The Ofieri runewright got down to work, but announced at once that more advanced runes or glyphs would require special materials. Jade, it seems, is a necessary part of advanced runewrighting. Since Geralt was interested in enchanted goods of the better sort, he decided to look around for a hunk of this element.
Finding large quantities of jade was not easy, but when the witcher set his mind to it, he could even find a dove in a blizzard. Soon enough the Ofieri runewright had what he desired.

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