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Elven prisoner

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Elven prisoner

In the Kaedweni camp, Geralt notices an elven prisoner being closely guarded and asks if he can question him. The guards initially refuse the witcher's request saying that they don't know him nor do they trust him.

Later, after having gained the trust of the Kaedweni soldiers, Geralt is allowed to question the prisoner. At first the elf is reluctant, but Geralt persists and finally gets to the elf to talk to him in Elder Speech so that the guards will not be able to understand what is being said.

Conversation in Elder Speech[edit | edit source]

Prisoner D'e thaermen en Rhendunv hesst. Ev'de salle e'maes oep Demaewn slaeht. En tedd vaer Letho caeme e'n sterte dunver n'ea woert. Er'te Draeh aep dh'oine! Serrit e'n Auckes vatt'gherne esste, thene Aarthenoekh waert.
Geralt S'ea h'earth.
Prisoner Visse e'goen. Aerle e'goen. Caenne ha't mer. Thene thar e'men dunv, dach'me moert.
Geralt Que'n thene dearme haess't?
Prisoner Thene n'ea saerle, ve'de salle e'n eassne ge irch. Ve n'ea saen then ert, ell?
Geralt N'ea teamme? N'ea saeg en Yrre? E'lle saerl?
Prisoner Me ceanne... Bea hen tedd Feainn e'ssert. Serrit n'ea urre Eassene haet. Er t'eap Auckes gar'the saegt enneth Roethainne caem hesst, te erne Mauthe dearmh.
Geralt Roethainne?! Que d'yaebl ess'e Roethainne ver ther, ell?
Prisoner Vessen'eath Roethain d'Rhen Henselt gaerle Vurte haenne. Thene dearme elles Treach haenne. N'ea mer s'ea h'earth.
Geralt Ve cean'me thene treiss?
Prisoner En Herrte aep Caennye ess'me goeth verth - s'ea ess'the en Ceann et D'yaebl aep arse gehedh... Caennye'sse thaeth Treach.
Geralt Ve quelle elleth thene haesst caemme?
Prisoner N'ea me Herth! Ess'the er velth aep Cethainn coenn h'esst.
Geralt Hwenn te'ss coenn?
Prisoner Thene ceanne velth e'merr d'horre Vatt'ghnerne. Quenne aerle Vatt'gherne hen Llinge coenn?
Geralt N'e me saecht.
Prisoner Auckes e'n Serrit est elle coenn. Vaell moerth t'Gwynbleidd coenneth baelk. Ve thene e'meath, Gwynbleidd... S'ea te Steib gath'ess e'n Treith wynn'ess. Va fail.

Conversation in English[edit | edit source]

Prisoner The kingslayer has two comrades. They hid among us after assassinating Demavend. Letho appeared one day and began killing without a word. The most terrible warrior I've ever seen. Serrit and Auckes are witchers too. They wear snake medallions around their necks.
Geralt That I know.
Prisoner We had no chance against them, despite our numbers. They killed everyone, but somehow overlooked me, forgot to finish me off, or believed I would die from my wounds.
Geralt What are their plans?
Prisoner They didn't mention them. We shared food and hid together, but they didn't trust us. Nor did we trust them.
Geralt They must have said something, mentioned their past.
Prisoner There is one thing... I overheard them. Serrit couldn't stand our food, and once he told Auckes he wished the Redanians would finally arrive because he dreamt of having roast beef.
Geralt Redanians?! What do the Redanians have to do with this?
Prisoner A Redanian delegation is to visit King Henselt very soon. If I understood correctly, they were to set off on their own after this visit. That's all I know.
Geralt Where can I find them?
Prisoner If they're still in the area, they must have hid in the gullies - but that's like searching for a needle in a haystack. The gullies are a real labyrinth.
Geralt Any idea who they're working for?
Prisoner I don't know, but it's someone with a deep knowledge of politics.
Geralt How do you know that?
Prisoner They know a lot. Too much for simple witchers. Do all witchers know Elder Speech?
Geralt I don't think so.
Prisoner Auckes and Serrit knew it, better than you. Much better. When you find them… May your step be soft and your breath still, witcher. Farewell.