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Elegant letter

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Elegant letter
Tw3 scroll2.png
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Common item
Hearts of Stone
Bandit camp in the Kilkerinn Ruins
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

This letter is found in a chest inside the bandit camp in the Kilkerinn Ruins, along with a crafting diagram for Sarrim and some crafting components.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

To be delivered personally to the hands of the honorable knight Sir Antoine Pfeil.
Our “unusual” partnership has brought me enormous pleasure. I trust Sir Knight finds himself in good health. I have cataloged the last shipment of elven sculptures and sold the entire lot at once. As per our agreement, find attached the bill of accounts for our most recent transactions.
Sculpture: Giann'Lorenzo - "The Rape of Elirena (Aelirenn)", Buyer: Kurt Dysart, 300 Nov. crowns (minus 35% transaction fee)
Sculpture: Votticelli - "Phoebus and Daphnae", Buyer: Kurt Dysart, 430 Nov. crowns. (minus 35% transaction fee)
Sculpture: Giann'Lorenzo - "The Ecstasy of Gvalch'ci the Bloody," buyer: Rudolf de Jonkheer, 550 Nov. crowns (minus 35% transaction fee)
Sadly, I was unable to finalize the sale of “Pietas” by Michel’Angellach to Brandon & Co., Inc. The company sued for a deferment of the sale due to some claimed financial difficulties (rumors around town claim the firm’s senior partner was robbed in broad daylight by some white-haired (sic!) witcher), but for obvious reasons I did not agree to prolong the payment period. A messenger with the earnings will present himself at the agreed-upon spot. I impatiently await the next transport.
Yaromir E. Carstairs