East Army Group

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East Army Group was part of the Nilfgaardian armed forces led by Ardal aep Dahy. Their objective was to take Aedirn, Dol Blathanna and Lyria. They were the only army group to achieve their objectives.

Henselt managed to halt the Nilfgaardians before they entered the Pontar valley, likely aided by Mahakaman maneuvers. The breakthrough came after the Battle of Brenna and the unexpected death of their commander, Ardal aep Dahy when the Northerners mounted a counter-attack. The combined armies of Aedirn and Kaedwen then proceeded to beat back the East Army Group, leading to clashes in the vicinity of Aldersberg. Ultimately, the Nilfgaardians lost and the Army was forced to retreat to the east.