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Dun Tynne Castle

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Dun Tynne Castle
Dun Tynne Castle
Blood and Wine
Dun Tynne
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Dun Tynne Castle was an ancient castle in the Blessure valley, between Fox Hollow and Pomerol.

According to Alcides Fierabras, the burh[1] served once as a seat of lord Waltharius the Burly, who murdered his unfaithful wife, lover of her, mother of her, sister of her and brother of her, and thereafter he sat and cried, for unknown reason.

Map description[edit | edit source]

This castle is tied to the dark legend of Waltharius the Burly, the dashing knight who wed the beautiful Nazairi princess Hiltgunt. Waltharius then embarked on a lengthy campaign and returned to find his wife in carnal relations with his relative, upon which he flew into a rage and murdered them both. The moral of the tale is held to be that nothing good ever comes from Nazair, and that when one has a young wife, one should stay at home instead of gallivanting about on campaigns.

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  1. In the original Polish edition Alcides Fierabras refers to Dun Tynne as "burg" - general Germanic term for "castle", "stronghold" or "fortified town". Since Andrzej Sapkowski prefers to use more typical Polish terms, like "zamek" or "gród", "burg" could be a regionalism, word limited to certain dialects. I've decided to translate it temporarily (until the release of an official translation) as "burh", an Old English word for fortification or fortified settlement.