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Dun Tynne Castle

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Dun Tynne Castle
Dun Tynne Castle
Blood and Wine
Dun Tynne
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Dun Tynne Castle was an ancient castle in the Blessure valley, between Fox Hollow and Pomerol.

According to Alcides Fierabras, the burh[1] served once as a seat of lord Waltharius the Burly, who murdered his unfaithful wife, her lover, her mother, her sister, her brother, and thereafter he sat and cried, for unknown reasons.

Map description[edit | edit source]

This castle is tied to the dark legend of Waltharius the Burly, the dashing knight who wed the beautiful Nazairi princess Hiltgunt. Waltharius then embarked on a lengthy campaign and returned to find his wife in carnal relations with his relative, upon which he flew into a rage and murdered them both. The moral of the tale is held to be that nothing good ever comes from Nazair, and that when one has a young wife, one should stay at home instead of gallivanting about on campaigns.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. In the original Polish edition Alcides Fierabras refers to Dun Tynne as "burg" - general Germanic term for "castle", "stronghold" or "fortified town". Since Andrzej Sapkowski prefers to use more typical Polish terms, like "zamek" or "gród", "burg" could be a regionalism, word limited to certain dialects. I've decided to translate it temporarily (until the release of an official translation) as "burh", an Old English word for fortification or fortified settlement.