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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the enchantment. For the consumable, see Dumpling.
Tw3 enchantment level1.png
Hearts of Stone
Enchantment level
Any food consumed regenerates 100% more Vitality, but everything tastes like pierogis.
Runewright / Amateur
1x Pyerog runestone
1x Tvarog runestone

Dumplings is one of the enchantments available from an amateur Runewright. As a runeword, it is used on pieces of weapons. It's effect is that it doubles the regeneration duration of any food item the player consumes, rather than improving regeneration speed.

Notably the most efficient use for the runeword is to be used with the Gourmet ability. This makes every food item eaten restore health for 40 minutes, minimizing one's need to find food.

Although the recipe from the Runewright shows 2 Pyerog runestones as requirements, only one is needed to make the enchantment.