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The Witcher DVD cover This article concerns a location that appears only in The Witcher computer game. Its contents might therefore contradict information from Andrzej Sapkowski's books and other adaptations.

the Dike seen from Old Vizima gate
another view
the gate to New Vizima
the gate to Old Vizima

The Dike is the site of many of Declan Leuvaarden's commercial concerns. It seems to be the main entry to and exit from Vizima. It is here also that Geralt finds the ferryman who will take him to the Swamp, and back, if so desired.

In Chapter III, a Desperate merchant also takes up a post on the dike. He is looking for a witcher to help retrieve a long lost family heirloom.

Just outside the Vizima's walls is a landing where merchants and travelers dock their boats. You can hire transport to the nearby swamp from there or look at wares that will soon find their way to marketplace stalls. There is also a passage from the Dike into Old Vizima, though the gate leading to that quarter is closed due to the quarantine. The epidemic, or fear of it, has also brought boat traffic on the lake to a nearly complete halt.

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