Diagram: Witcher's silver sword

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Diagram: Witcher's silver sword
Tw2 item diagram.png
Crafting diagram and quest item
Diamond dust 1x diamond dust
Timber 1x timber
Iron ore 1x iron ore
Silver ore 2x silver ore
Price to sell
5 oren(s)
weight 0.1

This diagram allows Geralt to craft the magical item: Witchers' silver sword. A copy of this diagram can be found in a chest right after Roche's ship makes landfall in Flotsam.

As of the latest version of the Enhanced Edition, this diagram counts as a quest item so Geralt will not be able to sell or store the diagram once the sword has been crafted. Players who have imported a Witcher 1 save game should avoid picking this diagram up since they'll have a better silver sword already.

Associated Quest[edit | edit source]