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Defier's oren

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Defier's oren
Tw3 defiers oren.png
Item needed to complete a quest
Quest items
Common item
Flooded cavern near Bald Mountain
Base price
Price to buy
2 crown(s)
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0.01 weight
Console ID

The Defier's oren is a quest item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is an old oren with Falka depicted on its reverse.

In the quest "Bald Mountain", Geralt must retrieve this coin from an underwater cavern to successfully appeal Thecla's decision not to allow him to meet the Crones. Thecla drops the coin from a high ledge into a drowner-infested body of water. After Geralt retrieves the coin, Thecla reverses her decision by granting him passage into the mountain. However, the trial turns out to be a ruse, as gatekeeper Fugas remarks that the coin is a "death sentence" before trying to kill Geralt.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]