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Daphne's wraith

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Daphne's wraith

Tw3 journal daphne ghost locked.png

Tw3 journal daphne ghost.png

Vulnerable to
Specter oils

This bestiary entry is added after reading "Tales and Fables".

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

During his stay in Toussaint, Geralt became involved with a curious case of gynodendromorphy – that is to say, a woman who had been turned into a tree. When one cut into this tree’s bark, it bled, and when the wind blew through its leaves, one could hear muffled sobs. Geralt investigated the matter and learned magic (or possibly a curse) was responsible for the transformation, and it surely had something to do with a certain sad episode from the woman’s past. The love of Daphne’s life, a knight errant, had gone to the witch of Lynx Crag and never returned, leaving her to wait for him forever, filled with sadness and longing.