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Matters of conscience - chelonodrake.jpg
A chelonodrake in the bogs of Vergen
Other names
Seas, lakes, bogs

Chelonodrakes are a giant breed of turtle-like draconids. They are called by the common folk "tortodragon", while dwarves simply say "minge-mawed, armor-plated son of a scabby bitch".

The beast living in the bogs nearby the dwarven city of Vergen was five horses long - no witcher could fight it allone. Geralt of Rivia and a crew of dwarves (Yarpen Zigrin, Eggar, Barclay Els), the elf Maevarienn and the Virgin of Aedirn Saskia killed the monster.

The Chelonodrake is a monster first mentioned in the short story A Little Sacrifice. Essi Daven says that nor killer whale, squid or chelonodrake could kill the pearl divers near Dragon's Fangs as the boat was not overturned.

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