Chance for instant kill

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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the critical effect in The Witcher 3. For the critical effect in The Witcher 2, see Chance of instant kill.

Chance for instant kill is one of the critical effects exhibited by a few weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These include:

Image Name Availability Type Effects Tw3 icon weight.svg Tw2 icon crafting.svg
Tw3 flaming rose sword.png Order of the Flaming Rose sword (crafted) Hearts of Stone Steel sword +10% Chance to cause burning
+10% Chance to stun
+10% Chance to stagger
+3% Chance for instant kill
+3% Chance to dismember
2.18 weight Yes
Tw3 steel legendary tor lara.png Tor Lara (sword) Main campaign Steel sword +15 – 20% Aard Sign intensity
+5 – 15% Quen Sign intensity
+12% Chance to cause burning
+2 – 3% Chance for instant kill
2.73 weight No
Tw3 silver legendary tor zirael.png Tor Zireael (sword) Main campaign Silver sword +20 – 25% Igni Sign intensity
+5 – 15% Quen Sign intensity
+20% Chance to freeze
+1 – 2% Chance for instant kill
2.76 weight No
Tw3 weapon hanza 1 steel sword.png Viroledan blade Blood and Wine Steel sword +75% Critical hit damage bonus
+15% Critical hit chance
+15% Chance to cause bleeding
+15% Chance to poison
+3% Chance for instant kill
2.41 weight Yes