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Quest list[edit source]

Prologue[edit source]

p_init (not actually a quest)
q0001 = Defending Kaer Morhen   
q0011_fistfight = Fistfight
q0002 = A Potion for Triss
q1007_berengar = Berengar's Secret
q0003_stolen = Witchers' Secrets

Chapter 1[edit source]

q1001_thebeast = Of Monsters and Men
q1002_onatrail = The Salamander's Tail
q1004_riverbank = Strangers in the Night
q1005_crypt = Buried Memories
q1000_act1_init (not actually a quest)
q1003_sgarden = The Secret Garden
q1006_rasists = Racists
q1011_rita = She's No Early Bird
q1012_burial = Dead Hand of the Past
q9001_barghest = The Barghest Contract
q9002_drowner = The Drowner Contract
q9003_ghul = The Ghoul Contract (1)
q1201_signs = Dice Poker: The Novice
q1200_signs = A Game of Dice
q9030_topielec = The Monster of the Lake
q9031_alghoul = King of the Crypt

Chapter 2[edit source]

q2000_act2_init (not actually a quest)
q2001_safeharb = Safe Haven
q2002_weed = Flowers and Gold
q2004_toshrine = A Pilgrimage
q2005_claypits = Clay Pits
q2008_towsent = The Sentry
q2014_cocatric = Prison Break
q2015_grandpa = The Cannibal
q2017_messeng = Worth its Weight in Gold
q2101_thecase = Vizima Confidential
q2103_witness = The Crown Witness
q2104_autopsy = Anatomy of a Crime
q2105_skalkst = Suspect: Kalkstein
q2106_svivaldi = Suspect: Vivaldi
q2107_smutton = Suspect: Ramsmeat
q2108_stalar = Suspect: Thaler
q2109_scaptain = Suspect: Vincent Meis
q2110_sleuvaar = Suspect: Leuvaarden
q2112_sraymond = What Lies Beneath
q2113_tower = A Mysterious Tower
q2116_rat = The Rat
q2117_girls = Working Girls
q2119_shani = Old Friend of Mine
q2122_slvswd = Memory of a Blade
q1010_parcel = Hot Potato
q1014_wanted = Wanted
q2006_lostchild = A Lost Lamb
q2003_wayhome = A Long Way from Home
q2010_ambush = Force Recon
q2130_gravedig = A Gravedigger's Gratitude
q2019_w_treas = Finders Keepers
q2124_w_restl = A Restless Ghost
q2125_w_wine = A Most Uncommon Wine
q2127_w_haunted = A Ghost Story
q9004_ddead = The Drowned Dead Contract
q9005_echinops = The Echinops Contract
q9007_wolf = The Wolf Contract
q9008_algul = The Alghoul Contract
q9016_dog = The Dogcatcher of Vizima
q2202_signs = Dice Poker: The Professional
q9032_skoffin = The Beast of the Sewers
q9033_archen = Bloodthirsty Vegetation
q1201_signs = Dice Poker: The Novice
q2125_tech (not a quest)
q2020_obelisk = Monoliths
q2107b_tech (not a quest)
q2112a_tech (not a quest)

Chapter 3[edit source]

q3000_act3_init (not a quest)
q3005_poshparty = A Posh Reception
q3012_invrich = Lock and Key
q3013_shead = The Unforgiven
q3014_politics = All the King's Men
q3016_invpoor = Following the Thread
q3021_sfisst = The Viziman Connection
q3026_invmarsh = Reaping Time
q3030_sweed = Diplomacy and Hunting
q3035_order2 = Six Feet Under
q3041_laragift = Echoes of Yesterday
q3042_bank = Gold Rush
q3043_trisshan = The Source
q3044_identity = Identity
q3031_lute = Dandelion's Lute
q3029_healwolf = Beauty and the Beast
q3203_signs = Dice Poker: The Sharper
q9009_arche = The Archespore Contract
q9006_graveir = The Graveir Contract
q9011_cocatric = The Cockatrice Contract
q9012_fleder = The Fleder Contract
q9013_ghul = The Ghoul Contract
q9014_kikimora = The Kikimore Contract
q9020_wyvern = The Wyvern Contract
q9004_ddead = The Drowned Dead Contract
q9005_echinops = The Echinops Contract
q9007_wolf = The Wolf Contract
q9008_algul = The Alghoul Contract
q9016_dog = The Dogcatcher of Vizima
q9027_dent = Won't Hurt a Bit
q3053_brothel = Blue Eyes
q9034_wywern = The Predatory Wyvern
q9035_wolf = White Fang
q1201_signs = Dice Poker: The Novice
q1200_signs = A Game of Dice  
q2202_signs = Dice Poker: The Professional
q2125_tech (not a quest) 
q2128_ring = The Ring
q2126_w_grand = Medic in Distress

Chapter 4[edit source]

q4001_dcity = Ripples
q4003_alvin = Alvin
q4004_elves = Free Elves
q4002_bride = The Heat of the Day
q4000_act4_init (not a quest)
q4005_berengar = The Paths of Destiny
q4011_hermit = Hunting the Wild Hunt
q4012_naiad = Old Habits Die Hard
q4013_succubus = Temptation
q4014_bridge = Small Problems
q9015_basilisk = The Basilisk Contract
q9017_fwyvern = The Royal Wyvern Contract
q9018_hag = The Devourer Contract
q9019_skolop = The Giant Centipede Contract
q9021_alp = The Alp Contract
q4006_bread = Daily Bread
q9036_vodian = The Vodyan Priest
q9039_cmentar = The Ancient Cemetaur
q1200_signs = A Game of Dice
q3203_signs = Dice Poker: The Sharper

Chapter 5[edit source]

q5000_act5_init (not a quest)
q5001_secrets = Sweet Revenge
q5002_ghettorun = Hope Burns Bright
q5003_friends = Under a Fiery Sky
q5004_relief = The Flame that Cleanses
q5005_striga = Her Highness the Striga
q5011_charity = Mud and Velvet
q5012_armour = Armor
q5013_rune = A Gnomish Device
q5014_finger = Saint Gregory's Litany
q5015_formula = A Magic Formula
q9010_cmentar = The Cemetaur Contract
q9022_bloed = The Bloedzuiger Contract
q9023_bruxa = The Bruxa Contract
q9024_garkain = The Garkain Contract
q9025_wraith = The Wraith Contract
q0011_fistfight = Fistfight
q9037_garkain = Bloodwing
q9038_bruxa = The Vampiress of the Swamp
q1200_signs = A Game of Dice

Epilogue[edit source]

q6000_epil_init (not a quest)
q6002_iceplains = Frozen Reflections
q6001_wyzim = The Ashes of Vizima
q5005_striga = Her Highness the Striga

Not in Game?[edit source]

q3051_radowid = Royal Edicts

Quest link[edit source]

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