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Camerlengo's report on the liquidation of Ernest Scrawler's group

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Camerlengo's report on the liquidation of Ernest Scrawler's group
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Common item
Blood and Wine
The Ducal Camerlengo on shelf.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Report on Knight Errantry Activities in the Duchy of Toussaint #22/g/22/ul/1271
Thanks to the resourcefulness of the resident of Rivia known as Geralt, a witcher by trade, another group of armed criminals has been dispersed, one consisting of outlaws known as “vandaguilders.” While traversing the part of the Champs-Désolés traditionally called Delenfer Pass, said witcher ran into an outlaw band headed by a certain Ernest, alias “Scrawler.” This individual, who is known to subsist in a vassal-liege relationship with Cystus von Wittan, alias “Fourfingers,” had hindered with intent of robbery a merchant caravan travelling toward Gheso.
After said hijacking, certain members of the caravan were deprived of life by impalement, as testified to by the only survivor, a certain Vassily S., a merchant residing in Metinna yet whose registered center of commercial activities is in Belhaven. The witcher Geralt then, in the words of Vasilly S., “made quick work of the band, not sparing a one,” said individuals not having been spared taken to include Ernest, wanted for some time in Toussaint for rape (three counts) and murder (fifteen counts).
The standard pay for the completion of such a task was lowered by 25% to take into account swordplay making use of more than one weapon and immediate payment in species.