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Caleb Stratton

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Caleb Stratton was a dwarf and a member of Zoltan Chivay's company. He was killed near the Ina river. He and the rest of Zoltan's party first met the witcher when Geralt and his own group were making their way toward the Yaruga river from Brokilon, but Zoltan advised them to join him and his men and head eastward.

Other members of the company included:

They all appear in Baptism of Fire, the fifth book and third novel in the Witcher series.

Zoltan's company fought in the Battle of Brenna and they were the ones who intercepted Niflgaardian Marshal Menno Coehoorn's retreat. As they killed the Marshal (not realizing who he was), they commemorated Caleb, much to Coehoorn's incomprehension.