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Burnt Stump

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Burnt Stump is a disputed area formerly within Brokilon which was encroached upon by humans. Eithné still considers it part of her realm.

[...] 'You know well it is not thus. People have been killed in Burnt Stump, in Eight-Mile, in the Owl Hills. People have been killed in Brugge and on the left bank of the Ribbon. Beyond Brokilon.

'The places you have mentioned,' the dryad responded calmly, 'are Brokilon. I do no recognise human maps or borders.'

'But the forest was cleared there three hundred summers ago!'

'What is a hundred summers to Brokilon? Or a hundred winters?'

— pg(s). 290, "The Sword of Destiny", in the collection Sword of Destiny (UK edition)