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Breza is a village (or remains thereof) which was raized, probably somewhere in Lower Sodden, but possibly Brugge. The elder was Hector Laabs, a reasonable man compared to the village priest.

Geralt and his companions stumble upon the makeshift camp only to have the residents try to extort money from them. When they demand to speak with the leader of the village, they come upon a scene which became the basis for the "lynching" of Abigail in the computer game. However, in the novel, the young woman about to be lynched was not a healer, but rather an unfortunately mentally deficient young woman who could not defend herself in any way. She was saved from her fate by Geralt, Regis and Zoltan.

Geralt stepped up and volunteered to be her champion, challenging the priest to a duel. The priest, in turn suggested that only divine judgement could save her and that proof could only shown if a champion was able to extract glowing hot irons from a fire with his bare hands, at which point, Regis stepped in. However, the village was set upon at that very moment by armed troops and that chariot to which the girl was tied was dragged away by the spooked horses. Later, it was learned that Zoltan and his "boys" had found her and liberated her.