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Blueboy Lugos

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Blueboy Lugos
Tw3 journal blueboylugos.png
Flag Skellige.png
Clan Drummond
Eye color
Hair color
Ard Skellig
Madman Lugos (father)
Einar (half-brother)

Blueboy Lugos is the son of Madman Lugos and heir to the leadership of Clan Drummond.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Madman Lugos' sole child and heir was a dour, strapping lad who was nothing like his father. His nickname dated from his childhood, when bruises often covered his body, supposedly from the rough and rowdy play Skellige boys engage in.
Yet others suspected they came from his father's belt, rod and fists, for rumor had it Lugos Senior did not wish to spoil his only child and thus punished him harshly for any minor cockup or grander failure.
The events Geralt witnessed in the Cave of Dreams confirmed rumors of Lugos , troubled relationship with his father. Blueboy's greatest fear turned out to be the Madman in his family tree.
Blueboy Lugos was one of the victims of the massacre that took place during the feast at Kaer Trolde. Later people claimed he had knocked one of the beast's heads off by clobbering it with a barrel of beer.
True or not, that is how the skalds commemorate him in song to this day.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Geralt must complete The Cave of Dreams before King's Gambit, other wise Blueboy dies and the former fails.