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Blog:Wiki news/First The Witcher 3 monster article established

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Tw3 ice giant.png

After the move to Curse there is still a lot to do to make the new old Wiki what we want it to be. Thanks to Game widow we are coming to this closer each day, she is really hard working on it, mostly invisible in the background.

I wanted to make a new start at the new place with something huge and really imposing... What seems to be better suited than a giant?

So <summary>I am glad to announce the first monster article of our most anticipated game yet - the Ice giant of the forthcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a new and before unknown species :)</summary> There are still not too much informations about this creature, but step by step we will fill the gap. And so do we for all the nice and strange monsters, that CDPR has up their sleeve for us ^^