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Belleteyn Preparations

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Belleteyn Preparations
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Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Attention, good folk! Belleteyn's fast approaching. Unless, gods forbid, the war reaches us before that time, same as every year, we'll hold festivities in the commons of the village. There'll be a grand bonfire and dancing till dawn. Yet man don't live on dance and song alone, so we'll have to prepare the following:
— Three barrels of apple cider
— Two barrels of pure grain spirit
— Three lambs fit for roasting and a fattened sow
— Sausages, blood pudding and liverwurst, a measure per head
— Three bushels of porridge grains, two sacks of potatoes, one of turnips
Misfortune has fallen on Honeyfill and the apiary which for five generations has provided a livelihood for the entire Meiersdorf family! The apiarian phantom has descended upon us and has begun to destroy our hives, slay our bees and wreak general havoc all around! I shall be grateful for any help you can provide and guarantee a reward awaits you for work well done.
—Neddy the Ealdorman