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Beliefs of Skellige: Druids

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Beliefs of Skellige: Druids
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10 crown(s)
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One copy of this book can be found in a chest in the crypt of the Old Chapel outside Brunwich.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The disciples of the Isles' local pantheon are not the sole spiritual devotees in Skellige, for some druids also call the archipelago home. Yet this is no cause for conflict, for Freya's adherents and the Druids' Circle coexist and treat each other with great respect. What welds these two faiths together? A common worship of the divinity found in the earth, fertility, love and birth. To the druids, men form a part of nature and should treat the world around them with the utmost respect. They hold that since nature gave life, her most precious gift, to humans and the other civilized races, they should live in harmony with her, yielding their will to hers.
Druids are seen as wise men and priests and are held in high esteem by society. They act as spiritual guides, herbalists and alchemists. Skelligers seek their counsel in times of trouble, summon them when ill and ask them to settle thorny conflicts. Like their continental brethren, the druids of Skellige have a Circle - an area set aside in their holy grove where they assemble, meditate and study sacred tomes. Many druids are capable of wielding magic.

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