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Battlefield Loot

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Treasure hunt
"Battlefield Loot"
Treasure hunt
Suggested level
Crumpled notes with a key
?? XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / ?? crown(s)
Lune (or other relic sword)
Svarog runestone
Glyph of Axii
Tracker's trousers
Crafting components

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Geralt found a mutilated corpse which was carrying some notes. The blood which had soaked through the paper had not completely obscured the writing - and made the witcher all the more curious as to its contents…
I always said Musky was a clever pup! He understands more words than quite a few men. He can do all sorts of tricks - sit, roll over, and if you give him a scrap of bacon, he'll even shake your hand. But today, why, he's outdone himself today.
I look, and there's Musky, running in from the field carrying something in his mouth. I think, "Maybe it's a hare, and I'll be able to whip up a stew, sell the fur?" But no, it was a sack. All covered in blood, so no wonder he sniffed it out. I look inside... and inside there's a key. A little one, all engraved and ornamented, like it fits some fancy chest or box. So I think, "Maybe there's treasure hidden hereabouts, and that's what this key's for?" So I think I'll go for a walk, see what I can see. If I find it, I swear to Melitele, Musky's going to eat nothing but veal for the rest of his days!
That blood on the sack's got me a bit worried, though... But I'll take a thick club with me, so if anything pops out of the bushes, it'll get a thumping. You don't live but once, so you might as well take some risks, I always say!
Perhaps Musky was indeed a clever pup, but his owner was not the wisest of men, and his club didn't seem to have helped him much. Geralt's swords, on the other hand, served him very well. He hunted down the place where the treasure was hidden and, with no small amount of satisfaction, took its contents for himself.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Read the notes you found
  • Follow the blood trail from the battlefield to the loot using your Witcher Senses

Map[edit | edit source]

Tw3 map battlefield loot.jpg