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Aryan La Valette - Interrogation Report

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Aryan La Valette - Interrogation Report
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Document describing the interrogation and torture of Aryan La Valette
Found near drunken scribe in Temerian Quarter

This 'book' is found near a drunken scribe in Temerian Quarter in case if you didn't kill Aryan La Valette during a Prologue. Otherwise you will find Baroness La Valette - Interrogation Report.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Record of Aryan La Valette's Interrogation
Upon completing the initial procedures, we began the interrogation proper. Aryan La Valette was informed of the tools which would be used. His answer, being vulgar and unworthy of a highborn man, was not recorded.
Then the unkind master began to brand him with a hot iron. I proceeded to ask him my Lord Baron's questions. Unfortunately, I came upon a wall of resistance, and the subject's answers were full of filth that shed no light on the issues at hand. The unkind master then reached for another tool, and after it was applied I began to ask my Lord Baron's questions anew.
Joachim Pyle, Bailiff