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Around the World in… Eight Days

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Treasure hunt
"Around the World in… Eight Days"
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Treasure hunt
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Chest of hidden treasure, east of Coronata Vineyard.

Around the World in… Eight Days is a hidden treasure quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Traversing the fairytale duchy of Toussaint, Geralt came upon a gang of degenerate scoundrels. Unhappy with their lot in life, they promptly ran at him, then enthusiastically skewered themselves on his sword. The witcher searched their camp and found some interesting notes…
From these he learned of an ill-fated traveler, a nobleman from Caravista, one Conrad Veidt. Veidt had bet his friends he could traverse the entire Continent in just eighty days! Alas, his journey ended after just eight days, in Toussaint, where his wagon, loaded with supplies to last the entire trek, wound up at the bottom of a lake.
Geralt decided to find the wagon once belonging to Veidt, an adventurer who had fallen prey to highway robbers. The witcher, too, was a traveler and explorer. As such he knew a planned voyage of this sort required the one undertaking it to prepare for all eventualities. This included carrying valuables. So he found the site of the traveler's demise, where he dispatched another gang of bandits seeking to nab the adventurer's load. Then lickety-split he dove in and picked the sunken wagon clean of all things precious.

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