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Aretuza is a magical academy for young ladies situated next to the palace on the Isle of Thanedd. For a school of great prestige and high fees, it admits girls from all corners of the world, guaranteeing them a high educational standard.[1] Furthermore, girls from the twelve finest families in Redania study there. Adepts studying there are not permitted to leave the island. Visitors are only admitted to the lowest level of the academy Loxia. Aretuza's equivalent for boys is the academy at Ban Ard in Kaedwen.

"And those lovely cloisters and little bridges? And those gardens? How do they stay on the rock without falling off...? What is that palace?"

"That's Aretuza. The place you were asking about."

— pg(s). 67, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

A Conclave of mages was held there. Geralt attended as Yennefer's guest.

Associates of the academy[edit | edit source]

Past and present staff[edit | edit source]

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