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Aplegatt was a royal messenger from Aedirn and a friend of Hansom. In completing one delivery to Redania, which Dijkstra overlooked he was sent back to Aedirn with a reply. Sadly, on his way back he was killed by Yaevinn. His message for King Demavend was to hold back from the attack on Dol Angra (one of the precipitating events of the Northern Wars). Ciri foresaw his death.

He appears at the very beginning of Time of Contempt (Czas Pogardy).

"Danger..." the girl said suddenly, in a strange, altered voice. "Danger comes silently. You will not hear it when it swoops down on grey feathers. I had a dream. The sand ... The sand was hot from the sun."
— pg(s). 8, Time of Contempt (UK edition)