Announcement: Faroe Boat Races

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Announcement: Faroe Boat Races
Tw3 scroll2.png
Notice found on a notice board.
Common item
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0 weight
Console ID

This is an unused notice about boat racing which was cut from the final release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can only be obtained through the console.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The Rally of the Wrecks
Lovers of fast sailing, listen up! The rest of you - sod off!
The snows've melted, the ice floes are gone, so it's time for the Rally of the Wrecks!
If you want to test your mettle at sea, and perhaps win a hefty prize that'll make you the envy of all the isles, come talk to Folmar on Faroe. That's me. The fellow writing this notice.