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Anna Kameny

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Anna Kameny was a countess who ultimately caused the death of both her husband, the count and her lover, Amavet. Her union with Amavet resulted in the birth of twins: Muriel and Crispin.

'No, Adela. She died of the plague. The demonic bastard, the accursed blood, the daughter of the diabolical Falka helped the priests in the infirmary beyond the castles walls during an epidemic — in spite of the king's protests. She caught the plague from the sick children she treated and died. She was seventeen. A year later her pseudo-brother Avamet became romantically involved with Countess Anna Kameny and was murdered by assassins hired by her husband.'
— pg(s). 268, Baptism of Fire (US edition)

'Well, Avamet carried the Lara gene, so our experiment went on. For Anna Kameny, who inadvertently caused the death of both her lover and her husband, gave birth to twins while still in mounrning. A boy and a girl. Their father must have been Avamet, for the baby girl was a carrier. She was named Muriel.'
— pg(s). 269, Baptism of Fire (US edition)

'Fiona's latent gene' — Margarita Laux-Antille nodded — 'met Avamet's activator gene through marital incest. Did no one notice their kinship? Did none of the royal heraldists or chroniclers pay any attention to blatant incest?'

'It wasn't as blatant as it seems. After all, Anna Kameny didn't advertise that her twins were bastards, because her husband's family would have deprived her and her children of their coat of arms, titles and fortune. Of course there were persistent rumours, and not just among the peasantry. That's why they had to search for a husband for Calanthe, who was contaminated by incest, in distant Ebbing, beyond the rumours' reach.'

— pg(s). 270 – 271, Baptism of Fire (US edition)