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Aldona Lamch
Tw3 hos aldona.jpg
Northern Realms
Johnnus de Bogar (fiancé, later husband)


Aldona Lamch is a villager who lives in Brunwich, and a friend of Shani from their time at Oxenfurt Academy.

At the start of Hearts of Stone, Aldona is engaged to Johnnus de Bogar, a man from a rather well-off family. Their wedding takes place during "Dead Man's Party" and is attended by Geralt (as Vlodimir) and Shani. The reason for Shani's invitation was that she and Aldona were friends when they both studied at Oxenfurt Academy. According to Shani, it was a wonderful time for them, but Aldona could not relish it for long, as she was forced to abandon her studies due to her parents' inability to fund her tuition. Vlodimir has the opportunity to ask some very forward and intrusive questions of the bride and groom, such as whether Johnnus will fund Aldona's tuition after marriage, given his family's relative wealth.

Aldona's parents organized a fairly lavish wedding, one that took over the entire village of Brunwich. The guests could take part in various events and activities, such as gwent, alcohol tasting, a fire-eating show, and a pig herding contest, to name a few. In keeping with local tradition, at midnight on the wedding night, a capping took place which officially wed Aldona and Johnnus.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]