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Aedirn Special Forces

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Aedirn Special Forces Cockade

The Aedirn Special Forces were a group created by king Demawend of Aedirn to fight the Scoia'tael. Their weapons of choice were black, gold and red bows, but they carried other weapons as well. They were divided into several units. Rayla's unit was deployed to Vengerberg during the Nilfgaardian invasion. They were surprised to find elves rather than Nilgaardians there.

You know what, Geralt? I'm set on enlisting in the army. They say King Demawend is recuiting for special troops. Half a year's training in a camp and then it's a soldier's pay, three times what I get here, bribes included.
— pg(s). 182, Blood of Elves (UK edition)

Members[edit | edit source]