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Abbé Faria

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Abbé Faria
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Crippled Kate's / Novigrad

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Abbé Faria is the only one ever to escape from Deireadh prison in Oxenfurt. Geralt and Yennefer interrogate him about how he managed this feat while trying to find a way to free Margarita Laux-Antille from the prison.

In his youth, Faria was an apothecary's apprentice in Silverton. The knowledge he gained in that position allowed him to escape from Deireadh prison following his incarceration. He harvested sleeping mushrooms growing on the walls of his cell, and belladonna from the prison yard, before mixing the ingredients into a toxic brew. Despite the risks, as the mixture could indeed have killed him, Faria drank it one evening an hour before the guards' rounds and thus faked his own death. After his "dead" body was discovered, Faria was thrown into a pit which connected with an outlet into the Pontar. After awakening, he used that outlet to escape and swam out of the river to freedom.

Abbé Faria's escape prompted the prison's management to make some alterations in order to prevent any further escapes. The outlet into the river was barred with a grate, and cremation became the primary method of cadaver disposal at the prison.

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