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A Note From Your Medic

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A Note From Your Medic
Tw3 notice board note 2.png
Note pinned to a notice board
Common item
Notice board in Nilfgaardian 'Center' Camp

Contents[edit | edit source]

My Dear Brave Soldiers,
In recent weeks I have examined a record number of you claiming to be unfit for further service. A large percent of those I examined were assigned to patrols in areas stricken by plague.
I prescribed them all an innovative cure of my own devising that consists of twice astringent enemas, self-administered twice daily. Most of the ill miraculously recovered after only one day of this treatment, raising suspicions that the pains they suffered from might have been psychosomatic. That, of course, is highly improbable, given that our codex calls for malingerers to be punishmented very harshly. Just in case, however, I would like to suggest that you brave lads only come see me with truly serious health problems.
–Cynddelw Emlyn, Chief Medic, Army Group 'Center'