A Dark Legacy

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Treasure hunt
"A Dark Legacy"
Treasure hunt
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Arnskrone Castle Ruins
Dismantling Count Romilly's figurine
Open Sesame!
The Secret Life of Count Romilly (proximity)

A Dark Legacy is a treasure hunt quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

While at the Borsodis' auction, Geralt bid a not insignificant sum on a strange figurine. Why, you ask? Perhaps it was that famed witcher's intuition, for after dismantling the figurine Geralt found he had also become the owner of a letter and a heavy, ornate key...
The letter, he discovered, was Count Romilly's last will and testament. From it he learned treasure might be hidden in Arnskrone Castle.
Geralt set off to the eerie ruins of Arnskrone Castle, the Romilly family's one-time home, and found a chest full of treasure in its crumbling underground passages.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A prerequisite to getting this quest is being in possession of Count Romilly's figurine which can be obtained by winning the bidding for it at the auction during "Open Sesame!". Once you have it, take the figurine to a craftsman and pay to have it dismantled. This will net you two items: Count Romilly's will and an ornate key. It is at this point that the quest begins.

Read Count Romilly's will to learn of a treasure hidden in the Arnskrone Castle Ruins, which are located northeast of Heddel, in Deadwight Wood. If you have not cleared this location before, a leshen and a pack of wolves will be present there. Upon dealing with the enemies, head into the ruins and through the left door (which must be broken down with Aard) where you'll be met with three wraiths. Walk around to the other side of the wall in this room (to the northeasterly chamber), and unlock the chest using the ornate key. Loot it to complete the quest.

The chest contains one or more runestones, crafting components, a random weapon or armor diagram, and a random alchemy formula, unless all alchemy formulae have already been learned.