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Note: This is not the latest patch. The latest patch is here.

The 1.2 patch was released on December 20, 2007.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Gameplay and text bugs fixed[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes for Alina not being at her home when she should (Chapter 4).
  • Wives' Tears Potion fixes.
  • Fixes for usable doors on the swamps (Chapter 5).
  • Fixes for Alchemist in manufacture giving quest items to Geralt (Chapter 3).
  • Fixes for some items to be found in Fields (Chapter 4).
  • Fixes for a disappearing enemy in quest Haunted House (Chapter 2).
  • Fixed problems with Alvin's spawn (Chapter 1).
  • Few minor text fixes for all languages.

Code bugs fixed[edit | edit source]

  • Loading times are much faster!
  • Saving is much faster!
  • Another portion of stability improvements.
  • Fix for rare "red rectangle" effect on loading bar.
  • Quest tracking fixes.
  • Some cursor fixes connected with finishers in tight places.
  • Quest now will not update when Geralt is dead causing multiple problems.
  • Autosave mechanism fixes (numeration).
  • Savegame files fixes — some irrelevant information was sometimes generated inside.
  • The game will not make an autosave if Geralt has an effect preventing him from talking (like knockdown, stun, push) * the result would be no talking at all for the rest of the game.
  • Now you can not attack neutral NPCs if you input the second (etc.) sword sequence in them, while first attacking a hostile.
  • Dandelion's music will not be 'echoed' while changing location twice.
  • The game can handle broken savegames now — it returns to main menu.
  • Motion blur effect will not stay active despite Blizzard potion wearing off — drinking, then changing location, then cutscene.
  • Final fixes for weapons disappearing from enemies' hands.
  • Grass and small stones being multiplied — fixed.
  • Fixes for receiving damage from Striga while being far away.

Art bugs fixed[edit | edit source]

  • Few level decoration fixes.
  • Fixes for barghest attack animation.

Does not fix Vista Crash problem.

Download locations[edit | edit source]

The following mirror locations can be used to download the patch, if there is some trouble downloading from the game's launcher:

It has been reported that if you get an error message starting with setupNew\setup.cpp, it is because you did not get the entire file. Try another mirror.